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orleans, that a alex smith was told that he kapernick would be the starter. smith has not been cleared to play. he is coming back from a concussion. you have to remember here also, this could be a very fluid situation going forward. harbaugh said he may play both quarterbacks and could reat a time them. i guaranteed you there will be times when colin struggles and niners may need alex smith. old-timers will remember tom landry, coach of the dallas cowboys, he had a roger star back and craig morten. he alternated them play to play. i don't think we'll see anything that crazy but you're going to see. >> you pull alex smith and you could rattle his confidence. >> it's a delicate balance here. it's better to have two guys that are capable instead of zero guys that are capable. >> dan: move on to other news. i wanted to focus your attention on a san jose man suspected of a violent crime spree. jonathan willbanks appeared in court. the crime spree resulted in the death of this man. his family is planning a memorial service. more from karina rusk. >> reporter: he walked into the court with hi
in car break-ins. more than 5700 this year compared to about 3200 in late november of 2011. nick smith has more on this new anti-crime effort and how it works. >> our neighbor just couple minutes ago called me and told me a bunch of people in front of her house our house so what's going on? so i came outside to see. >>reporter: what he found was me. talking to this man. about the use of high tech camera in the neighborhood. >> it's very modest investment investments. >>reporter: he lived here three years and for few hundred dlaers and the neighbors had the ka camera installed called neighborhood guard. >> are you capturing us right now. >>reporter: he sdrnt to tell. signs posted along the entrance to the home warned all who enter you are being watched. strong message to those up to no good. >> never again will we allow a criminal to enter or leave our neighborhood undetected. >>reporter: after neighbor was the target of violent home invasion he encouraged his block to take action. thus the introduction of the cameras. some like these you can see. others are hidden. these images
is going to start as quarterback. >> colin kaepernick got a win in new orleans after alex smith was cleared to play. smith was active and frustrated, but ready to play. kaepernick got on the board first. after a punt, drew brees will find his receiver for a touchdown. 267 yards and three td pennsylvania. under a minute to go. the pick, he goes 50 yards. first career touchdown adds to the momentum. 14 apiece at the half. kaepernick to frank gore his first td catch of the year. these through for 321 yards. brees to gol sow and dante wood ends up with the ball. first time since 1995 the team had two pick six, a huge road win, 31-21 the final. >> my teammates have always supported me. it's a huge reason i can go out and play as well as i have. they have always been behind me and keep working we're going to get a touchdown. >> colin played well. again it was a tough environment. >> i this thought he did a great job with managing the game, calling the game and moving the team in and out of the huddle. >> one thing i'll say about the raiders, they don't quit that is a credit to the dennis allen. r
to be on the field. >>reporter: "sports illustrated"is reporting cleared or not alec smith will not start sunday game. instead collin will be the star after stepping up on monday in an impressive show against the bears. >> collin has been getting l pretty similar to what he got last week. he is getting some of the l rep and alex some of the rep. >>reporter: mission high versus lincoln at this year championship game a big cross town rivalry. but most everyone here has a bigger allegiance. the niners. stapled is where it all began for the 49ers back in the day. lots of history here for sure. and today lots of very strong opinions. from the fans. >> harbaugh has to back his gu guy. but obviously collin is a wonderful mraivrment i would go with smith. >> coaches will do a good job. superbowl team you go with the quarterback that will get through. >> she's having deja vu about another quarterback controversy. >> it reminds me of the days of young and montana and personally i think smith should finish it out. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news in san francisco. >>> well on this thanksgiving some d
. they are looking for packages left at front doors. ups saying how you can protect your belongs. nick smith reports from the paid mont police station with the latest on this holiday crime trend. >>reporter: u.p.s. is expected the deliver more than 5 27 million packages over the holiday and fedex is preparing to ship more than 280 million packages to homes across the country. portionally because customers like pam relevant doing more of their shopping on line. >> i was not waiting for my package. but i appreciate ups rippinging the door bell because when they do i come right away. >>reporter: but not everyone can be home when the packages are due to arrive and thieves know it. take a look at this fremont police are still working to identify a woman who stole a package from this home in the middle of the day. the homeowner want there at the time but was able to capture the entire incident on this home surveillance system. this is how it all went down. when the ups driver deliver the package an alert sent ought owner smart phone but only minutes later there was a second alert. >> that basicall
us. over shadow by the big game the utter destruction caused by smith to chicago offensive lean. 5 app half sack on the night. leaving the nfl with total of 15. >> take advantage of what you got. if you saens weakness take advantage of it. difference feeling like i had something there. sfichlt 4 years ago aaron with the fourth pick in the nfl draft. fourth over all. today cut by the raiders two week after they activated him. he was trying to come back from a knee injur injury. acquired last year but he has a knack for committing personal foul penalty at the worst possible moment. curry had two in the first game back against baltimore and new coach allen had already seen enough. so that's the end of that. semi-time of the maui invitational. brad stevens another good squad taking on north carolina. can't teach hustle. 9 out of 10 guys on the course were on the floor going for the loose ball. that's good hustle right there. butler 22 point lead at one point in the game. rodney clark had 4, 3. 17 points. bull dog with the upset of roadway williams team on maui. 82-71. cowb
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6